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Whatever the product is, there is no risk-free mode of transport. The safety of the goods to be transported and the environment is a primary objective in logistics. Packaging materials have evolved rapidly over the last few years and decades, so they can meet even the highest expectations. From this article you can be updated what options can foils offer to protect your shipment and which type of film is suitable for your purposes.

Industrial protective films: laminated film and barrier foil

Sea transport is a popular and cheap mode of transport, which requires special packaging solutions. Over a long transit period of up to 60 days, salty water and high humidity can lead to rust formation and that can easily damage the shipment. It is therefore essential to apply so-called dry, corrosion-protection packaging.

This means using vapour barriers such as silica gel or the totally environmentally friendly bentonite desiccant, and this is where using laminated films can also come useful. The oxygen and water vapour barrier capacity of the foil is outstanding, so you can be sure that your goods are safe. The industrial films that can be purchased in rolls are available indifferent versions in response to different needs: standard, fibre-reinforced or antistatic design, available in different thicknesses (microns).

Popular and cost-effective: Bubble-wrap

The product, which many simply refer to as pop-up foil, is the ideal solution for packaging fragile goods. The air-filled spheres provide perfect padding. The material is polyethylene, i.e. plastic, which is environmentally friendly due to its recyclability. It is highly flexible so they can be easily custom-welded into bags of different sizes.

The bubbles are of different sizes: The two-layer, small bubble film can be 40-75, and the large bubble version can be up to three layers and 170 microns thick.

Air-cushion films are generally available in natural colours. Pink is most often the antistatic version with ESD protection, which prevents electrical discharges when transporting electronic products

Polyethylene shrink film: the perfect solution for packaging large equipment

In most cases, machinery and equipment are of very high financial value, so special care must be taken to protect them. Polyethylene shrink film is a simple but effective packaging solution. When applied with the help of a so-called hot air gun, high temperatures cause the film to shrink, thus perfectly tightening and fitting it to the shape of the product.

It is a highly flexible and robust material with a very high tensile strength which is able to protect the shipment from dust, various impurities and weather conditions. Its thickness is determined in microns. It is also available in an antistatic, anti-slip and UV resistant design in various widths according to different needs.

Maximum corrosion protection: VCI and intercept technology

HIf you are worried about that your products might be destroyed by corrosion, you should choose VCI and intercept films. These modern packaging tools can effectively combat corrosion. By the evaporation of a special material, VCI forms an invisible protective layer onthe untreated metal surface, completely covering it, even in hard-to-reach locations. If the packaging is not opened, the protection can last for up to 2 years. The so-called intercept provides and even more modern technology: highly porous copper particles are permanently embedded in a plastic matrix and react with all corrosive gases and elements. The oiling of the product is no longer necessary in this case.

Strapa-Pack’s colorful selection on offer includes all types of films mentioned above! In addition, we offer our customers hand or machine packaging by stretch films as well as a wide range of shrink and foam films! We also customize and process films!

Choose the product that best matches your purposes and protect your cargo from corrosion and moisture. Do you have any questions? We are more than happy to help!


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