Strict rules for heat treatment – The purpose of the ISPM 15 standard

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ISPM 15 specifies how wood packaging materials (be it hard or softwood) are recommended to be heat treated all the way to the core at 56 °C for 30 minutes and/or it must be smoked with methyl bromide.

Why is this necessary?

Quarantine pests is a term used for pests (mainly insects), which, although not yet widespread in Hungary, have a good chance of spreading globally. Such ‘invaders’ may settle in wood packaging materials as well – however, we can effectively fight them with heat treatment. Therefore,  ISPM 15 standard applies to all companies that produce packaging for export.

From September 2007 our company, Strapa-pack Ltd. has the necessary authorization to heat treat and manufacture different wood materials, pallets and wooden packaging materials.

We carry out the heat treatment in compliance with the FAO ISPM 15 standard

For wood packaging materials, we provide a Certificate of Treatment and on each item, we place the IPPC marking for wood packaging materials, the so-called ISPM logo. The certificate also contains the amount of wood used, the name of the company that performed the heat treatment, the time and temperature of the heat treatment and the registration number of our company. On the basis of the certificate of treatment, the Phytosanitary Certificate is issued by the competent plant and soil protection service, which is essential for the free entry of the goods into non-EU countries of destination.

Heat-treated wood

Wood used primarily in the packaging industry for the packaging of machinery and equipment. These wood shall be heat treated to release fungi, insects, mites and viruses.

What requirements must be met?

Wood packaging materials used in trade for the transport of almost all kinds of goods (regardless of what kind of product is transported in/on them) may only be imported into Hungary and the rest of the EU if they meet the following requirements:

  1. IT has been subject to one of the approved treatments as stated in Annex 1 of ISPM 15, namely: Heat treatment: the wooden packaging material was heated according to a time/temperature system during which the inside of the wood was at a minimum of 56°C for at least 30 minutes.
    Heat treatment shall be indicated by the marking ‘HT’.
  2. The following markings should be indicated on the wood packaging material:

– XX: two-letter ISO country code,
– 0000: Operator Registration number,
– HT : sign of approved treatment,
– the ISPM logo.

Which substances are covered by the requirement?

The requirements of this directive apply to raw wood packaging materials, e.g. pallet, dunnage, crate, packaging boxes, drums, loading pallets and support beam that are present in almost all import shipments, including shipments, which are not normally intended for the purpose of the phytosanitary inspection. Those processed wooden packaging materials made of wood-based products (e.g. plywood, cover plate, OSB sheet, etc.)) which have been produced using glue, heat and pressure, or a combination thereof, can be considered as properly processed wood, they do not present a plant health risk and are therefore not subject to this requirement. In addition, wood packaging material of raw wood of a thickness of 6 mm or less shall not be subject to inspection.

The system described above replaces the paper documentation. In any case, the marking on the wood packaging material must be a guarantee that the wood packaging material complies with the requirements.

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