Van-Pack Premium
cargo linings

Increase and protect the value of your commercial vehicle with Van-Pack's quality floor and cargo linings.

Precisely fitting, non-slip floor linings

Our heavy-duty floor linings are made of plywood with a non-slip surface to ensure the safety of your cargo space and goods! Thanks to the precise fittings, your van can be easily kept clean. You can easily install it anywhere in 15 minutes. Each purchase is accompanied by accurate and detailed instructions, which includes a few-minute long video tutorial that you can watch any time. With the original fitting elements, the work can be done in almost no time. Our floor linings will be delivered to you within 3 working days!
Strapa-pack cargo lining

Full cargo compartment lining for the enhanced protection of your commercial vehicle

With our modern plywood sidewall linings you can achieve significant weight saving! Thanks to the perfect fit achieved by snap-fasteners, no drilling is necessary for the installation, and you don’t have to spare your van for a long time! We can make the complete lining of your cargo space (floor, wheel drum and sidewall), and install it for you upon request! We have suitable cargo and floor linings for almost all models of the following brands: Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, and Citroen

Innovation: premium fiberglass cargo lining

If your vehicle needs even higher levels of protection, we recommend our special fiberglass cargo lining made of extra durable polypropylene plastic that retains its beauty and function for decades. It is lightweight, non-sowing or corroding, elegant and easy to clean.

Our linings are also available with special fitting and storage elements! Extra noise reduction insulation as a GIFT to your purchase!


Van-pack for the most popular makes

• quick delivery

• step-by-step installation manual

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• 2 years of warranty



During loading it is the floor that is the most injury-prone, however the cargo that is not properly fixed can also seriously damage the sidewalls of the vehicle. Having these damages repaired can be costly and in case of selling the vehicle, an already repaired bodywork can mean serious depreciation.   Although we offer prefabricated products for floor linings, we can design liners for the whole cargo space upon request by using the most modern technologies.  



Based on the manufacturing plans our plant produces the linings, which can be either floor, sidewall or entire cargo space lining. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority! We use the most modern materials and technologies and our colleagues are all highly qualified professionals. The finished products comply with even the strictest quality assurance regulations, so they can be applied to almost any kind of cargo types.


After conducting needs analysis, quoting an offer and signing a contract we manufacture the ordered product as soon as possible. The prefabricated products can be installed as early as within one working day, so you don’t need to do without your essential work equipment.