Packaging materials

Our packaging materials are as diverse as the products themselves.

We, the Strapa-pack, sell high-quality packaging materials produced with the help of cutting-edge technology. From our wide range of products, we will help you choose the ones that will provide the most effective solution to your packaging problems. Self-produced corrugated paper boxes, wooden crates, foil bags and accessories. Anything you need!


INDICATORS – transport control tools

We use different indicators, i.e. transport control tools to prevent damage to cargo, which detect all shipping irregularities during the transport of the package. A wide range of indicators allows us to offer our partners the best solution. Stockwatches, tiltwatches, humidity and temperature indicators significantly reduce the risk of shipping damage. Indicators make it possible to determine the place and time of the shipping damage and draw attention to careful and responsible handling of goods.

Products for container securing

  Our Company undertakes professional securing of packages and goods in containers in a professional manner in order to avoid shipping damage. We use special techniques and tools such as fastening straps, wedging and dunnage bags. Dunnage bags have a very simple function: it fills the gaps between the cargos and stabilises and supports the products. We provide maximum protection against shocks and jolts in case of all modes of transport.

Foils and Films – for a wide variety of packaging requirements

Stretch films for manual and machine packing; Custom-sized PE films, laminated films, intercept and fibre reinforced and vci films for sea transport Air bubble films, antistatic air bubble films, shrink and foam films; We undertake the customization and processing of films


Uses of desiccants: high humidity is a problem that is most likely to be encountered in sea transport. They are important, without them corrosion and salt can lead to an inoperable or unusable product or machine. Desiccant bags absorb moisture and provide high protection against external environmental impacts. Vapour barriers or desiccants are essential for the transport of technical and industrial products.



 Róbert Homa

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