Our company philosophy is simple: the safety of your product is of paramount importance to us. In accordance with this, due to our continuous advancements, our company guarantees the adequate level of safety and protection that is justified by the value of your goods and their mode of transport.
Custom sizes and ideas are manufactured for you in the same way as standard packaging. Our products will be delivered to you quickly and promptly.
We strive to fulfil your needs in the shortest time possible and to meet the expectations on the widest possible scale. We are proud of our hundreds of satisfied clients who have been loyal to us for long years.
  • Comprehensive services
  • Unique solutions
  • Nearly two decades of professional experience
  • Professional team of experts
  • Millions of products manufactured
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Country-wide service
  • Liability insurance for shipments

Our Team

Csaba Gábor 

General Manager

Gabriella Venter 

General Manager

 Róbert Homa

Sales director

Péter Pandur 


Zoltán Vavra 

Operation manager

Áron Pusztai 

Packaging manager

Béla Huszti 

Senior projectmanager

Edit Szűcs 

Box plant director

Emese Jelfi 

Purchasing manager

Olga Hornyák


Márta Zimmermann 

Financial manager

László Palenyik

Packaging designer


Strapa-Pack Packaging Ltd.
2330 Dunaharaszti, Bláthy Ottó u. 7.
E-mail: info@strapa-pack.hu
VAT: 13960997-2-13
EU VAT: EU13960997
Bank account:
Unicredit Bank HU11 1091 8001 0000 0004 4242 0002
Cg: 13-09-164951

Box Plant:
Adress: 2330 Dunaharaszti Némedi út 100.

Edit Szűcs
Box plant director
Tel.: +36-70-619-4080
E-mail: doboz@strapa-pack.hu

Csomagolás, láda- raklapgyártás és veszélyesárú csomagolás, ajánlatkérés
Homa Róbert
Kereskedelmi vezető
Tel.: +36-70-619-4082
E-mail: robert.homa@strapa-pack.hu

Gyártással kapcsolatos kérdésekkel, megrendelésekkel kapcsolatban
Pusztai Áron
Csomagolóüzem vezető
Tel.: +36-70-410-7828
E-mail: info@strapa-pack.hu

Jelfi Emese
Tel.: +36-70-409-68-60
E-mail: emese.jelfi@strapa-pack.hu

Telephely fenntartás
Vavra Zoltán
Telephely vezető
Tel.: +36-70-325-8301
E-mail: info@strapa-pack.hu

Zimmermann Márta
Tel.: +36-20-279-1937
E-mail: marta.zimmermann@strapa-pack.hu

Hornyák Olga
Tel.: +36-70-409-4814
E-mail: olga.hornyak@strapa-pack.hu

Gábor Csaba
Ügyvezető igazgató
Tel.: +36-70-325-8299
E-mail: csabagabor@strapa-pack.hu

Venter Gabriella
Ügyvezető igazgató
Tel.: +36-70-325-8880
E-mail: gabiventer@strapa-pack.hu

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