Strapa-Pack desiccant – safe and dry
Keep your product safe - Do not let humidity cause irreversible damage to your precious cargo.
Our company Strapa-Pack Ltd is the Hungarian distributor of Clariant. Clariant is a Swiss multinational company, representing excellent quality in the market.
Lightweight crates for air transport
A striking combination of wood and corrugated cardboard. If you want to transport goods fast to a faraway country, the obvious choice is air transport. It is fast and safe and allows you - within the framework of combined transport - to deliver your shipment to Uzbekistan or even to Iceland. 
Professional protection for your cargo: the versatile films
Whatever the product is, there is no risk-free mode of transport. The safety of the goods to be transported and the environment is a primary objective in logistics. 
Road and rail transport
Maximum safety or cost-effectiveness? You don't have to choose! Strapa-Pack offers an effective solution for both!