Wide range of products - full range of customized solutions.

The optimally designed transport packaging protects and promotes your product! Its first and most important function is to provide safe, damage-free transport, thus alleviating storage and loading. It also functions as advertising space, and we can display your company logo on it and provide your partners with relevant information such as your company's contact details.

The product is complete with its packaging

So its design is a cardinal issue that you should not ignore as a company manager!


Corrugated cardboard – manufacturing boxes

Corrugated cardboard is a robust and cost-effective packaging that provides 100% environmentally friendly use. Cardboard box production at Strapa-Pack in individual quantities and sizes, customized to your particular needs!

Wooden crate, pallet, slide

We undertake the design and construction of wooden crates, pallets and slides with short deadline. What special solution does your product need? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will make your ideas come to life!

Combined packaging

One of the main advantages of our company, Strapa-pack Ltd., is that our packaging combines the practical properties of different materials. Extra-heavy duty cardboard box with wood components, special wooden crates with solid metal hinges, polyethylene foam elements and custom-made films and foils … we have everything you need!


The effectiveness of product protection depends largely on professional lining. Bubble foil, foam or Styrofoam? Goods of different weight, character and sensitivity require different types of protection. These factors are all taken into account when preparing the correct lining.

Applied technologies

Box plant

  • Special plant equipped with modern machinery even for small quantities.

  • Use of high quality 3-5-7 layer corrugated cardboard

  • Permanent quality control and maintenance

  • Full compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality standard

  • 160 000 m2 of corrugated cardboard is processed annually

  • Short deadlines: production within 3-4 working days

Crate and pallet manufacturing plant


  • Crate production for individual orders, according to individual requirements

  • Optimized workflows

  • Permanent stock

  • High quality, fast production

  • Industrial quantity of production with short deadline

  • 3200m3 lumber and 60 000m3 wooden plate is processed per year and 10 million nails and screws are used each year

Packaging plant


  • Compilation of self-produced corrugated cardboard boxes, wooden crates and packaging sets

  • From the 1 kg Herend vase to the 50-ton machine – our packaging experience covers a wide range of products

  • Preparation of goods for sea, air and road transport

  • Express packaging within a few hours, including airport delivery

  • Packaging dangerous goods

  • Free storage for permanent partners until transport


  • Strapa-pack Ltd. fully complies with the quality standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.

  • ISO provides a basic system for production and manufacturing.

  • We follow a detailed and elaborate protocol in corporate processes.

  • ISO ensures self-check and the correction of errors with checkpoints.

  • Regular audits confirm that Strapa-pack Ltd operates a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard.

Packaging design

Quick and easy packaging design with the latest 3D technology!

Strapa-pack packaging design reduces risk to the very extent, that is justified by the value of the product and the mode of transport. The perfectly designed packaging reduces the risk of damage to the minimum extent, saving you and your business a great deal of money; while it is economical, it does NOT allow the goods to be damaged during transport. Packaging design is important in order to reduce administrative and other burdens resulting from damage, such as after-production and repair, and also to adapt to specific rules such as regulations on the transport of dangerous goods. A packaging needs to be well designed only once. Moreover, our new customers have the possibility to get this service for FREE.




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