What are the reasons of cargo delays? Here are the 7 most common causes

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A delayed cargo can be very annoying. If the customer or partner does not receive the ordered goods on time, the trust in the company suffers a huge loss. What could be behind these delays? We have identified the most common causes and possible solutions.

# 1 Slow and difficult traffic

 Road closures due to construction work or unexpected accidents can significantly extend transportation time. In order for the shipment to arrive as soon as possible, drivers often use route optimization software. The essence of such programs is to show the best routes that can save time and cost. In order to avoid delays and other disruptions, data is updated in real time.

# 2 congestion in the port or terminal

This usually happens when a huge number of containers arrive at the port, exceeding the specified maximum. This is especially characteristic of transshipment ports, where the turnover of transit cargoes is much higher than import-export. The ship is further forced to wait with the start of operations until the work on previous cargoes is over.

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# 3 Peak periods, strikes and COVID

When planning the transportation process, it is important to take into account peak periods like the days before Christmas or the time of Black Friday promotions. In some countries, strikes can also cause delays (see 2021″ green card strike “in Italy). The virus situation can lead to problems especially in companies that have a limited capacity of workforce or devices and equipment.

# 4 The incorrect and / or incomplete customs documentation of the cargo

In case of international transport the existence and flawless filling of the necessary documentation is essential. Otherwise there is no doubt the cargo will be delayed. This delay is further increased if the authorities decide to carry out an audit and examine the cargo. Compliance with strict customs regulations is essential, so it is very important to have a logistics partner with reliable, up-to-date knowledge.

# 5 Lack of clarity

Here you need to think about such annoying things as illegible handwriting on the waybill. If you know that this can cause complications, do not fill out the documentation by hand. Obviously, you also have to aim for the clarity of the shipping labels. For example, if the paper is damaged, it will make it difficult to read and/or interpret, and the shipment may be lost.

# 6 Using outdated technology

Old, outdated software and age-old hardware pose huge problems for transport companies. The simple reason is that older technologies limit the possibility of integrating new technologies or preventing the access to functions, which could reduce or eliminate shipping delays. That is why, in order to better track shipments, traders are advised to invest into the latest hardware and cloud software. In addition to real-time data, the latter ensures contact between different actors in the supply chain.

# 7 Shortcomings in the necessary tools, equipment

It may happen that even the transportation of the goods from the warehouse is a serious challenge. This is extremely true if you need intermodal transport including road and rail transport. There may be a case where containers are not availablewhich can also lead to delays.

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