A striking combination of wood and corrugated cardboard: Lightweight crates for air transport

strapa-pack air transport crates

If you want to transport goods fast to a faraway country, the obvious choice is air transport. It is fast and safe and allows you – within the framework of combined transport – to deliver your shipment to Uzbekistan or even to Iceland. This is all well and good, but there is also a huge cost increasing factor to this form of transport that you must not forget. This disadvantage is none other than the strict weight limit, which can greatly increase the basic fee, which is relatively high anyway. So what kind of packaging should be used if we decide on air transport?

Strapa-Pack’s solution for air transport: wooden crate reconsidered

Traditional wooden boxes or crates are too heavy, and the paper packaging may not guarantee sufficient protection for your product. But don’t give up on fast and secure transportation, as we can provide you with a great solution! In response to the above- mentioned problems, Strapa-Pack has developed a new kind of packaging, especially recommended for air transport.

Combined packaging: all benefits combined in a single packaging

We have developed a kind of crate, which is a so-called combined packaging. You do not have to think of a complicated thing: it means that we have combined the most beneficial properties of the raw materials used. Corrugated cardboard is cheap, flexible and environmentally friendly and most importantly, thanks to its lightweight nature, it counteracts the large mass of the wooden crate. Needless to say that due to this quite robust savings can be achieved in the case of air transport. At the same time, it has a super- resistant feature due to the density of the wood, in which even a multi-ton high-value machine can be transported without injury. Moreover, with the help of this kind of packaging, you can safely stack and store your consignment. In conclusion, our lightweight crate is an economical and tough alternative, which is the best choice for air transport.

A packaging solution for everyone – powerful solution tailored to your specific needs

Heavy industrial equipment, sensitive technical equipment or even fragile, high-value works of art. In our combined packaging, practically any product, which is suitable for air transport, – other than dangerous goods – can be safely transported. Do you need a unique solution? No problem at all! The crate can be made in any size and design. You can also request it with legs, aiding stability and stacking, and with practical textile handles! Depending on the degree of protection you need, we can also make our packaging from 3 layers, 5 layers or 7 layers of corrugated cardboard.

If you want to save on your air transport costs, do not hesitate to contact us!

The lightweight crate is now on offer at Strapa-Pack!


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