Safe and cost-effective air transport – This is how you should prepare your shipment!

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Air transport is one of the most popular and cost-effective forms of transport. It is the best option if we want to ship goods of smaller size but of higher value to a faraway country within a short period of time.

3 main advantages of air transport

# 1 speed

This is the fastest mode of transport compared to maritime, road or rail transport. A cargo plane can travel up to 1000 km per hour, so the cargo may reach its destination within a few hours.

# 2 reliability

Airlines generally adhere strictly to their schedules. If it is important that your partners get their goods on time, you should choose this mode of transport!

#3 traceability

Based on the flight number, it is easy to determine when the plane is expected to reach the destination country. Some companies provide an online application to keep track of cargo status.

What criteria should be met?

Even though precise machines carry out the movement of the goods, care still should be exercised. As with all modes of transport, the most important thing here is that the goods stay safe from injury during transport. The perfect air packaging is able to protect the goods from the risks of impact and injury. Due to stronger acceleration or turbulence, the cargo can be exposed to increased dynamic stress.

We are talking about a combined transport strategy, where the conditions for air and road transport must be met to the maximum! The freight rate is largely determined by the weight of the cargo – this factor should also be taken into account when selecting the packaging material.

When it comes to the transport of dangerous goods (LINKEL VESZÉLYES ÁRU CIKK), you need to be even more careful about the packaging materials and the packaging solutions used!

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Types of packaging used in air transport

Cardboard box

Even if there is no visible damage to the box, it is not recommended to reuse it. External factors such as moisture or high humidity reduce the tensile strength of the packaging material. In order to guarantee absolute safety it is advisable to use light filling materials, for example bubble wrap. During the preparation of your cargo for transport, use only as much material as necessary to fill the box and to the optimal protection of the shipment!

Wooden crate

Wood packaging material – due to the risk of fire – should always have a plus protective layer, which also increases wear resistance. With their help, you can easily transport heavy machinery. Wooden crates are available in both standard and custom sizes.

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Air cargo pallets

It is important that pallets undergo the appropriate heat treatment and are fitted with the official IPPC stamp! A EUR pallet can weigh up to 25 kg so during this type of transport custom-sized and constructed palettes might be better options.

Finally, some good advice for stress-free air transport:

  • Always clearly label the shipment
  • Complete the commercial invoice
  • If dangerous goods are involved, use qualified packaging and ensure that the appropriate labels are visible

Safe and cost effective air-transport – Choose Strapa-Pack!

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