How to choose the right protective packaging? 4 Simple tips for making the best decision

strapa-pack protective packaging

Due to the globalisation of markets and the growth of online trade, we are transporting goods further and further away, so the role of protective packaging has become highly important.

These packaging solutions help to maintain the integrity of the product during the entire distribution cycle. In addition to the protection of goods, aspects such as cost-effectiveness and sustainable development have also become important.

The good news is that if you know your options, you will gain a significant advantage over your competitors. ūüėČ

In this article, we will show you the most popular solutions, and we will give you some simple tips on how to choose the best packaging.

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Types of protective packaging

Polystyrene foam packaging fill

The function of foam packaging is to protect the goods from shocks and external impacts. This super practical cushioning filling material prevents the product from moving inside the package, for example, in a cardboard box.

Foam packaging has different types:

  • Packing peanuts/ foam popcorn come really useful when transporting irregular-shaped products and are perfect for packaging boxes of any shape.
  • Another great alternative is the use of foam panels, which divide the box into smaller sections and compartments. This allows for the transportation of two different products within the same packaging, ensuring proper distribution.

Bubble wrap

Another great protective packaging option that the packaging industry offers is the bubble wrap, which is available in the form of a bags or film.

It is an extremely versatile material, but its application has been somewhat undermined in recent times due to the increased demand for environmentally friendly packaging.

In maritime transport, barrier foil and VCI and intercept films provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Paper wrap

It is recycled/reusable and can therefore be considered as an absolutely sustainable option. In most cases, this type of packaging is not self-sealing, so the usage of adhesive tape is also required. Paper packaging is suitable for almost all product types.

Tips for choosing the right protective packaging

As you can see, fortunately, we have a lot to choose from. In order to decide which packaging will be the best for your product, you should consider the following aspects.

  1. You should consider the type of the product to be shipped

Ceramic, food products, textiles and sensitive machinery ‚Äď some examples where it is particularly important that the protective packaging is extra safe.

Always select the right packaging in accordance with the specific characteristics of the goods! This helps to avoid situations such as over-wrapping or under-wrapping (be careful, both may result in unnecessary costs).

  1. Consider your route

Besides possible external impacts such as shocks and drops, for all modes of transport (road, air, sea, etc.) there are specific environmental hazards that the packaging must withstand.

In order to know exactly what risks your product will be exposed to on the selected route; you may also use “smart” tools, such as the shock recorder. Once installed in the transport vehicle, it records the characteristics of a particular road and the factors that threaten the package (vibrations, shocks, accelerations).

  1. It is important to meet safety standards

There are a number of test protocols and international standards related to protective packaging in order to ensure it is appropriate for its purpose. In any case, it is advisable to be familiar with the regulations governing the transportation of a given product and to apply the protocols.

  1. Test the design and check its performance

Optimisation is needed to achieve a balance between protection, sustainability and economic efficiency!

Always test the ability of the protective packaging to guarantee the safety of the product being shipped.

Perhaps you should redesign your packaging?

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