Practical van equipment What should be inside your vehicle?

van equipment

Are you on the road all day? Is your van your most valuable work equipment? Are you dealing with the transport of goods or store important tools in it? Then you need unique solutions for the cargo space design! Practical van equipment greatly facilitates day-to-day work.

It all starts here: high-quality floor and side wall linings

It can be any great car furniture in the car, but if the floor slips or as a result of an unexpected accident, the bodywork dents, it means that the cargo space does not meet your needs 100%. And where there’s damage, sooner or later, rust will form. Safety and practicality inside the vehicle starts with quality cargo lining.

Non-slip floor lining that can be installed in no time.

The first step in lining a van is to plant the floorboard, which is a lot easier than you think. Our 9 mm plywood Van-Pack floor linings guarantee a high level of safety. Thanks to the extra sound absorption insulation, your cargo space will be soundproof. Its installation using the original fitting elements shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and it doesn’t require any special skills.

Sidewall lining, which reduces the risk of injury to almost zero

You can order the Van-Pack sidewall lining from traditional plywood, from cellular-structured polypropylene which is heavy duty and easy to clean and from super resistant premium fiberglass. You don’t have to worry anymore, all the bodywork will be protected from floor to roof! Each interior lining is perfectly customized to the specific type of the van.

Cargo lining with extras: drum guard

Perfect protection against corrosion and other external impacts. The wheel drum will not break, deform or rust. We went further with the idea, and we’ve also developed a special wheel drum guard which is suitable for loading, thereby increasing the usable space in the cargo area.

Van equipment – Smart cargo securing solutions

Shape the interior of your van according to your needs! The need for cargo securing is indisputable. If the shipment gets loose, it could damage the vehicle and cause an accident. Clamping rods, hooks and holders: we offer solutions for different load capacities that are perfectly adapted to the weight and nature of the cargo. Tie-down rails are often installed to the sidewall of the van.

Some thoughts on van workshop

Van workshop mostly includes the different, individually installed shelves, cabinets, storage compartments and workbenches. With their help, you can build a mobile workshop inside your van. They are great help primarily to those who transport a lot of work equipment, machinery or tools (for example, repairing, servicing companies). Systematization will make work processes more efficient and faster. Their material is most often steel or aluminum, so they are very easy to keep clean.

If you want your business to function effectively, a clean and orderly vehicle, practicality and functionality are essential requirements.

Modern and versatile vehicle equipment makes this possible!

Quality floor and cargo linings, wheel guard and additional elements from Van-Pack.

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