Hygiene and cargo lining

Strapa-pack Hygiene cargo lining

Measures during the pandemic and after the danger has passed

I think it is safe to say that the cleanness of the cargo space of the transport vehicle – regardless of the type of business -, can be regarded as a basic requirement. It is not just because the customer – when they see the dirty, sticky, dusty cargo space – can consider our company sloppy and carefree (although this is also an important aspect). There is a segment where compliance with hygiene rules is extremely important, especially during the time of the virus.

Some recommendations and regulations that everyone should consider:

  • Only clean vehicles may be used for transport, which must be checked before each loading.
  • The cargo space should be disinfected regularly, preferably as often as possible.
  • In cases where the vehicle is not only used for the transport of food or of different types of food, the cargo space shall be thoroughly cleaned from contamination between each consignment.

The list is far from complete and much more rules apply to the professional and safe transport of food.

HACCP – if you’re in the food business, you must have heard of it!

Food suppliers have always had to act with great care, but because of COVID, the frequency and significance of disinfection has increased even more.

HACCP is an internationally accepted quality assurance system, adapted to legal requirements, which aims to reduce food safety risks through good practices. It regulates processes from production to delivery of goods to final consumers. Restaurants, manufacturers, processors, home delivery companies – this is mandatory for all businesses that in some way come into contact with food. HACCP includes the cleaning of work areas and work equipment – and that is where the cargo lining comes to the picture.

What makes a quality cargo lining hygienic?

Basically, you have two types of cargo linings to choose from – wood and plastic. The cellular structure of polypropylene is an extremely easy-to-clean surface. It allows you to minimize the time spent cleaning, yet you can fully comply with hygiene standards. The cargo lining can also play a role in ensuring the correct temperature, which is an essential feature for the transport of food or even for the transport of plants, pharmaceutical products or sensitive instruments.

What can be used to clean a Van-Pack cargo lining?

All non–corrosive, and non-destructive cleaning agents, and all the other proven, effective tools and methods that you have already been using. The only reason to avoid bleach is the unpleasant smell, especially if you are dealing with food delivery. Instead, use a high pressure steam cleaner (especially in the corners, and at the fittings) and a general, preferably one-phase (2 in 1) disinfectant. You can find important information about use on the label and safety data sheet of the products, please always read them carefully. Purchase only products from controlled sources authorised by the NPHMOS and be aware of the warranty period.

Do everything you can to prevent the virus from spreading.

Comply with strict regulations.

Save time and energy, clean your cargo space simply!

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