In pursuit of the quality cargo lining

Strapa-pack cargo lining

If you have a transport company, even after you have purchased the vehicle, you should consider replacing or supplementing the factory lining immediately. Why is it necessary? And what is a quality cargo lining exactly?

This article is going to try to give you answers to these questions.

Is the cargo lining really that important?

In order to protect the bodywork and cargo, the floor and cargo linings are of great importance. However, the lining provided by the manufacturer often does not meet our requirements. Especially when it comes to the transport of special products. If you open the door of the van’s cargo space and find that the goods have been spilled or they are broken due to the shock, you must take action urgently! Proper adhesion, non-slip surface, practicality and safe usage. These are the minimum qualities a professional cargo lining must possess.

But what other factors are there worth considering?

We’ve put together the most important criteria to help you decide.

5 tips for selecting the best cargo lining

# 1 First safety!

Make sure that the selected floor lining minimises the chances of your employees slipping or stumbling in the cargo space. The non-slip surface and the correct fittings can prevent your colleagues from getting hurt or having an accident.

#2 What about durability?

The best van floor systems and linings are designed to withstand the stress, wear and tear of everyday use, or even the extra heavy weight of several tons.

# 3 Clean your cargo compartment easily!

Whatever you’re dealing with, it’s essential that you cast your vote for a lining that can be easily cleaned and maintained. During the transportation of food, compliance with strict hygiene rules is even more important!

# 4 Every entrepreneur knows: time is money!

Consider how long you need to spare your commercial vehicle until the lining is installed. If possible, choose a company that works with a shorter deadline.

# 5 Yes, looks matter!

A high-quality cargo lining not only meets your requirements in terms of its functions, but also provides aesthetic appearance to your cargo space.

In addition to traditional floor and cargo space linings.

There’s one other important thing that might come up when you buy cargo lining.

There are several ways to ensure the safe securing of your cargo. If the shipment moves, tilts or falls, the consequences are unforeseeable: serious damage to property and accidents for which your company is responsible.

Together with the cargo lining, other practical cargo securing elements can be installed into your van, such as special rails fitted with fastening tabs and tools that are suitable for your needs.

What are the benefits of choosing Van-Pack cargo lining?

  • extra precise fittings =spotless hygiene
  • non-slip surface = impeccable safety
  • insulated floor lining = no-noise cargo space
  • quality materials = aesthetics and timeliness
  • polypropylene design = easy cleaning, minimum plus weight
  • short installation time = you only need to spare your vehicle for some hours
  • additional elements = simpler and more efficient cargo securing

Protecting your van is always a good investment!

Van-Pack quality internal cargo space linings and securing solutions for transport companies.

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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