strapa-pack transporting

Transporting air can cost you a lot!

Did you know? Oversized packaging won’t just hurt the planet. You can lose significant amounts of money each year if you do not optimise the use of space within the packaging. With a little care, you can reduce your storage and handling costs, transport more products at once, and you will need less packaging. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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sea packaging

Importance of sea packaging – What are the risk factors?

Maritime transport is one of the most cost-effective forms of transport – if long delivery time is not a problem, it is an excellent solution. However, special care must be taken with regard to packaging, as the goods can easily move or be damaged by high humidity in a short period of time. If you know the most common risk factors and are properly prepared for them, you won’t face any unexpected annoyance.

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van equipment

Practical van equipment What should be inside your vehicle?

The customization and security of the cargo compartment of the transport vehicle should start with the installation of a new cargo lining. Installing the non-slip Van-Pack floor liner can be done in less than 15 minutes by using a simple screwdriver and no additional components are required. The custom sidewall liners that guarantee protection against dents and impurities are made of 3 types of material so that everyone can find the ones that suit their needs best. The design wheel guard prevents injury or deformation. Special cargo securing items are also placed in the cargo space upon request.

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packaging types

What is the difference between consumer and industrial packaging?

Primary packaging has direct physical contact with the product. It is also known as consumer or retail packaging. It serves three important purposes: it encourages purchase, provides information and guarantees protection. Secondary packaging or collective packaging most commonly consists of more consumer unit packs and it facilitates storage work. Tertiary, also known as transport packaging, is usually (but not always) a number of multipacks. The end-user does not see it, so there is no need for visual attractiveness, but the main focus is on its role of protection and movability.

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