Transporting air can cost you a lot!

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Did you know? Oversized packaging won’t just hurt the planet. You can lose significant amounts of money each year if you do not optimise the use of space within the packaging. With a little care, you can reduce your storage and handling costs, transport more products at once, and you will need less packaging. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Environmentally conscious freight transport: Multimodal logistics in focus

Environmentally conscious freight transport strapa-pack

Carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption, space utilisation and noise levels. These are the factors that most affect how each mode of transport promotes sustainable development. Transport of goods by road, rail, sea or air – which is the most environmentally friendly alternative? What do we mean by multimodal (combined) transport?

Sustainability of the supply chain – Think Green!

Green logistics aims to reduce the environmental impact of transport tasks, the importance of which is increasingly recognised not only by large multinationals but also by retailers, suppliers and consumers. You don’t need to worry – taking sustainability into account is not the same as deciding on outdated, less effective solutions that do not serve your economic interests. If you are aware of your options, you can simply reduce your company’s carbon footprint without having to make any more serious sacrifices.

Road transport and rail transport – Maximum safety or cost-effectiveness?

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The greatest advantage of road transport is that it’s the only mode of door-to-door transport. However, the shocks and jolts of the vehicle, the sudden acceleration or slowing-down may pose a risk to the integrity of the goods. Ensuring safety, such as the use of padding and filling materials, is also essential in case of rail transport. Learn more about our packaging solutions!