Transporting air can cost you a lot!

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Reading the title of the article, you’re probably surprised. You’re probably also wondering how all this is possible, if it is. You can be sure that this is not a statement off the wall. We’ll explain why.

$ 46 billion … that’s what companies could save every year.

A global survey conducted among the leaders of 370 companies highlighted the importance of empty space management. Nearly a quarter of the sea containers are empty, because the majority of the products come in oversized packaging. More than one third (34%) of research participants acknowledged that their packages were at least twice the size of the actual product. Now why is this a big problem? It is estimated that getting rid of the empty space in the packaging could leave companies with around USD 46 billion more in their pocket each year. However, a large proportion (almost 70%) of companies do not deal with this problem.

Size-optimized packaging can save you significant amounts

Lighter, smaller packages have a lot more potential than you might think. The data is shocking: a quantity of containers corresponding to 61 million TEU (20 feet long transport unit) are delivered unnecessarily. Think about it: the more efficiently you package your products by optimizing the space and reducing the air in each package, the more goods can be loaded into, for example, a truck or container. Plus, you’re going to need less pallets and cardboard boxes. Consequently, the quantities delivered and the cost implications of storage and handling are also significantly reduced.

A responsible business also thinks about the environment!

The emission of CO2 by transport vehicles puts an enormous pressure on our environment. Among other things, this type of gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect resulting in climate change (persistently higher temperatures). The amount of CO2 could be reduced globally by 122 million tons if more emphasis was given to optimal space utilisation. Another issue that needs to be taken into consideration is the waste generated during transport, which can also be reduced by rethinking packaging solutions. It is not only the primary and secondary packaging that should be considered: large quantities of paper and polystyrene used to fill the empty space are also harmful to the environment, which could be minimised if less space is left in a box. The added bonus is that your environmental and sustainable development efforts will be appreciated by clients, customers and partners.

3 main advantages of packaging with optimized dimensions and design

#1 It allows you to save on expenses.

#2 It does not unnecessarily burden the environment.

#3 It ensures adequate protection of goods.

How can the Strapa-Pack help you with that?

First of all, from our company you can not only order the standard packaging materials and sizes. Our very popular packaging design service can be a safe and cost-effective solution for delivering your products of custom design, size and weight.

If you wish, our expert team will visit your site to assemble the crates and boxes, taking into account aspects such as the perfect protection of goods and optimal use of space.

Remember: transporting air can cost you a lot! Don’t hesitate to contact us!



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