Industrial solutions

Complete packaging solutions under one roof,
specifically designed for your company and your field of industry!

Order all required packaging products from one partner!

Enjoy all the benefits of our complex packaging services that take all the burden off your shoulders!

Request our products in greater volumes, at a reasonable price, even with continuous order release!

Save time, money, and energy with Strapa-Pack!

Industrial Solutions

  • Do you suddenly need thousands of corrugated cardboard boxes, but you don’t know who to turn to?
  • Would you order packaging continuously in large quantities?
  • Are you tired of having to ask at least 5 to 10 companies to offer different products and services?
  • Would it be essential to get the help of a packaging team who can carry out all the accumulated tasks on your site, even on a daily basis?
  • Do you need special packaging materials for your unique, sensitive or fragile products?
  • Are you in need of efficient packaging to optimise your logistics, transport costs?
  • Do you want to use a mode of transport which requires special solutions and which would also require expert support?
  • Are you looking for a packaging company that cares about quick and precise work and that is also customer-oriented?

We will not leave you alone with your needs!

Whatever industry you’re in,
we, at Strapa-Pack can surely find the best solution to your packaging problem!


During the course of the two decades we’ve been working for automotive companies, electronics companies, chemical industry and the list is endless. It goes without saying that all businesses need packaging solutions.

With our extensive professional experience, we confidently approach a wide range of packaging problems, and we always solve them within a short time. We continuously broaden our knowledge and keep it up-to-date by attending trainings.


Strapa-Pack fulfills all the unique and industry-specific needs. We have fulfilled several unique and special requirements of a range of different corporations. Our on-site packaging team has provided hundreds of hours of support at the sites of Siemens, GE and Johnson & Johnson. We have packed high-value machinery for Teva Pharmaceutical Company.

For Flextronics, we designed packaging, and we continuously supplied the boxes and crates in the quantity of thousands of pieces.


Our 1000m2 box and 2000m2 crate plant allow world-class production. We have a great fleet of machinery, and a constant stock of raw materials and an ever-expanding toolkit to provide our customers with fast and smooth service. Our 60-person packaging team is made up of the finest professionals who have been actively working in the packaging industry for years. From design and production to special packaging tasks, we have an expert colleague in each area who will serve you and your company to the highest standards.

Industrial packaging materials and accessories

The importance of the protection of the goods stored and transported is unquestionable. For this we offer professional industrial packaging materials of the highest quality. Our aim is to minimise logistical and transport costs through our customized, cost-effective solutions.

Our packaging materials can be made available to you in a short time, even within 3-5 working days from the acceptance of quote!

Cardboard- and wooden boxes of standard and custom sizes and design

Heavy duty special wooden crates and pallets for heavy machinery

Production of cushioned cardboard boxes for fragile and sensitive products

Production of cooler boxes for heat-sensitive and frozen products

VCI/intercept anti-corrosion packaging for instruments and parts

Antistatic ESD bubble foil for electronic goods

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Environmentally friendly desiccant: bentonite

Complex packaging services

Our greatest strength lies in our diversified portfolio of services. From the initial inspections to the execution, all the burden will be lifted off your shoulders!

Site visit: if necessary, our packaging and the materials will be designed for you on the basis of a preliminary site visit.

Counselling and designing: we will help you to find the most effective solution for your packaging needs, even by 3D package design

Air, sea, rail and road packaging: strict compliance with specific legislation, regulations and international standards.

Production: we will manufacture your order with a short deadline, even in the quantity of thousands of pieces, with continuous order release upon request.

Packaging of machines: on-site packaging and moving of large machines using our own tools and machines.

Securing in containers: secure fastening, corrosion protective and dehumidifying packaging for all kinds of cargo complying with all rules and requirements of sea transport.

Our services to our regular/contracting clients

  • Express packaging for delivery companies: goods delivered to us can be packaged within 3 hours in our own boxes and wooden crates. We can deliver the finished packages to the airport.

  • On-site work – within 3 working days from the time of order

  • Storage until transport – if the shipment is packed on our premises

  • Repackaging – We can repack your rejected or damaged goods.

Our featured service
On-site packaging – on-site packaging team

When the quantity of goods to be packed exceeds the capacity of your company, we ensure you our team of expert colleagues! With the previously agreed and manufactured materials, our team will work at your site, where we will package your products quickly and professionally. We can provide the number of the packaging team and packaging capacity continuously.

Are you no longer able to handle the continuous packaging of large quantities of cargo?

Ask for the professional support of our on-site team!

Choose the professional products and services of the Strapa-Pack if:

  • you would like to order in greater quantities with a short deadline

  • you either need standard packaging or a more complex solution

  • the protection of your goods is very important for you and you are looking for quality solutions

  • you would like to have all your packaging tasks in one hand

  • you consider innovation, reliability and fast service important

  • you would entrust the design and execution of your packaging tasks to an experienced professional

  • you prefer a long-term partnership
    you need to meet special requirements in terms of packaging

If you decide to place your trust in our company, we guarantee that:

  • both your domestic and export products arrive at their destination safely

  • your needs and wishes are treated flexibly, and we will do everything we can to ensure your full satisfaction

  • we will not leave you alone with your problems: you will receive modern and customized services
    an expert team will help you to satisfy all packaging requirements

Strapa guarantee of quality

Forget low-quality services, misunderstandable communications and missed deadlines. To all of our partners, we guarantee the high quality of work, materials and tools!

Satisfaction guarantee
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.



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