How to choose the right protective packaging? 4 Simple tips for making the best decision

strapa-pack protective packaging

The full preservation of the integrity of the goods supplied, both in domestic and international transport, is a cardinal issue. The space-filling polystyrene foam is a popular and cost-effective substance, , which prevents the movement of goods within the packaging. Bubble foam is made of polyethylene, so, although it guarantees excellent protection, it does not really qualify as an environmentally friendly option. It is also advisable to consider aspects such as the physical characteristics of the goods and the rules and regulations relating to transport when selecting the perfect packaging.

Special packaging materials: Indicators, container securing products, foils and vapour barriers

strapa-pack packaging materials

Four special packaging materials that are less known but more practical! Indicators provide information on incorrect handling of goods – for example, if the shipment is exposed to too high or too low temperature. We can really utilize the inflatable dunnage bag when the goods are secured into the container. Absorbent substances such as bentonite provide effective protection against high humidity.

Professional protection for your cargo: the versatile films

strapa-pack packaging films

High humidity and corrosion could damage the cargo. There is an increased risk of mechanical damage when packaging fragile and/or high-value goods. Fortunately, the versatile film also provides an effective solution to these problems. All you have to do is pick the right one.

A striking combination of wood and corrugated cardboard: Lightweight crates for air transport

strapa-pack air transport crates

Many people choose the extra fast and safe air transport. However, if we do not pay attention to strict weight limitation, we will face a considerable extra cost. Our company has developed a unique combined packaging that is specially recommended for air transport. The lightweight box combines the best qualities of the corrugated cardboard and the wooden box: sturdy, yet lightweight!