Practical van equipment What should be inside your vehicle?

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The customization and security of the cargo compartment of the transport vehicle should start with the installation of a new cargo lining. Installing the non-slip Van-Pack floor liner can be done in less than 15 minutes by using a simple screwdriver and no additional components are required. The custom sidewall liners that guarantee protection against dents and impurities are made of 3 types of material so that everyone can find the ones that suit their needs best. The design wheel guard prevents injury or deformation. Special cargo securing items are also placed in the cargo space upon request.

In pursuit of the quality cargo lining

Strapa-pack cargo lining

Unfortunately, factory linings don’t usually meet more specific requirements, not to mention the effective protection of the goods and the van. In this case there’s nothing else to be done, you have to replace them. But what product should the choice be on? A high-quality floor lining not only makes the surface more even and stable, but also excludes any risk of sliding and the possibility of resulting accidents. The cargo lining shall be hardwearing, it has to be able to hold several tonnes, and it is also important that the surface can be easily cleaned.

Hygiene and cargo lining

Strapa-pack Hygiene cargo lining

A dirty, sticky cargo space isn’t exactly a pretty sight. And if you are involved in the transport of food, you will be facing serious fines if you do not pay attention to spotless hygiene. HACCP clearly requires the cleanliness of vehicles, supplies and equipment. But no one wants to waste valuable hours that they can actually spend with doing work. Therefore, it is necessary to have a cargo lining the cleaning and disinfecting of which is child’s play and does not take more than a few minutes.