A striking combination of wood and corrugated cardboard: Lightweight crates for air transport

strapa-pack air transport crates

Many people choose the extra fast and safe air transport. However, if we do not pay attention to strict weight limitation, we will face a considerable extra cost. Our company has developed a unique combined packaging that is specially recommended for air transport. The lightweight box combines the best qualities of the corrugated cardboard and the wooden box: sturdy, yet lightweight!

Incoterms: the “Bible” of international trade


In order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes, it is important to be clear about the obligations of both the buyer and seller.
The 2020 Incoterms contains 11 clauses, which can be divided into two categories: guidelines for all modes of transport and rules for only sea and inland waterway transport.

Air transport: 3+1 easy steps to avoid unnecessary costs and delays

strapa-pack air transport

When it comes to air transport, a lot of factors have to be taken into account. For example, being continuously informed and regular, consistent communication are essential components of success. In order to avoid additional costs and delays, everything should be planned in advance with super precision.