Sea Transport

Moisture, mold, corrosion and contaminations
Protect your cargo properly against the dangers of sea transport!

Sea transport is one of the most popular forms of transport around the world due to its high volume capacity and cost-effectiveness.

However, what many do not expect is the extreme exposure during the long transit periods. Saline air and the relative humidity above 50% dramatically increase the risk of corrosion and mold formation.
In case of container vessels, the cargo capacity may exceed 50,000 tonnes, so

the material damage suffered may be much greater than in case of other modes of transport.

Could your shipment withstand these risky environmental conditions?

The stakes are not small, the amount of damage can be up to millions of euros or dollars.

Although sea transport is a relatively safe mode of transport, there are some risk factors that you have to take into account.
If you want to exclude risk factors and transport damage due to high humidity, multiple movements and transshipment, you need a packaging solution that requires a great deal of caution.

Attentive packaging or cost-effectiveness?

Protect your shipment by applying sea-proof packaging!

Whether it is a cheaper consolidated container solution (LCL) or a fully owned container rental (FCL) or another alternative, the packaging of products transported by sea must adapt to possible external influences caused by weather conditions. In any case, the primary objective is to minimise negative environmental impacts. For a sea-proof packaging, it is essential that:

To ensure that the product resists the harmful effects of moisture, mold and rust and various chemical stresses (saline vapours, sulphur dioxide), even during long transport and storage periods.

Meets the safety requirements against sea waves and ensures the safe transport of goods.

Resists multiple movements and handling of goods.

Our company offers such sea packaging that keeps your high-value shipment absolutely safe.

Don’t settle for less!



Your sensitive goods and equipment, regardless of size, are packaged and prepared for transport with the utmost care. Thus you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises later. We minimise the risk of damage to the consignment. With our complex packaging, we provide maximum, complete protection against harmful mold, corrosion and schocks during transport.


Our experienced colleagues have encountered a wide variety of packaging requirements during our nearly two decades of existence. Is the shipment an 80-ton oversized machine or a super-sensitive instrument? We know that each item is different, so we focus on unique solutions specifically tailored to the particular shipment.


We are well aware of professional materials, tools and solutions that can effectively protect our customers against corrosion and mold caused by saline air. In our own box and crate plant, the best quality products are manufactured by using only adequate quality raw materials. We manufacture our products quickly for you to ensure efficient and smooth operation.

The required packaging is always determined and constructed

by considering the mode of transport, the quantity, the weight and nature of the goods. 

What is included in our overseas packaging service?


For sea packaging, we use anti-corrosion vacuum bags barrier film bags and laminated foils and with desiccants. Machines that are packaged this way are usually secured in wooden crates.
The packaging of high-value machinery and equipment requires careful care.

This is particularly true if you choose sea transport.

The innovative VCI technology forms an invisible protective layer on the surfaces. By using it we can exclude the possibility of corrosion of sensitive machines and components for a long time.
Larger than average machines and equipment where the wooden packaging is not economical are first covered with VCI or vapour barrier film,and then with special high-tenacity shrink film.

We protect the consignment against condensation by the application of internal vapour barrier bags.

We determine the type, presentation and quantity of the required vapour barrier according to the nature of the goods.


Transport control tools, i.e. indicators, are used to prevent shipping damage.
These devices are capable of indicating the mishandling of goods during the journey of the package.
A wide range of indicators allows us to offer our partners the best solution. Impact indicators, rollover indicators, humidity and temperature indicators significantly reduce the risk of shipping damage.
Indicators make it possible to determine the place and time of the shipping damage and draw attention to careful and responsible handling of goods.

Impact indicator: Shockwatch
Transport control indicators (impact indicator – shockwatch) can reduce damage-related costs to your product. The impact indicator shall indicate whether the package has been subjected to mishandling or harmful impacts during transport or storage. By the help of this device the recipient immediately sees the signal upon delivery, so even if the package appears intact, incorrect handling is proven. Impact indicators are tamper-resistant, mechanically activated devices which become bright red in the event of a collision – their colour cannot be changed subsequently. In the case of products that can’t handle mechanical stress easily during transport, it is also important to have a warning effect, simply to indicate to the participants of the transport chain that they should take care of the package.
Rollover indicator: Tiltwatch
It will not be activated under normal operating conditions or during take-off. If the inclination of the packaging exceeds a certain value during transport or storage, the rollover indicator changes its colour. Rollover indicators are tamper resistant, mechanically activated devices which are discoloured when tilted – their colour cannot be changed subsequently and their removal is indicated by a label.
Humidity indicator

Humidity indicators shall indicate the relative humidity inside the packaging, expressed as a percentage, during transport or storage. Humidity indicators are usually used in conjunction with a dehumidifier when transporting sensitive electrical equipment.

Temperature monitoring
Easily readable and clearly visible single-use indicators. They indicate the highest or lowest temperature to which the product has been exposed.


When it comes to large quantities of goods, more and more companies choose shipping in container by sea to deliver their export and import products to the destination.

Strapa-Pack Ltd. places particular emphasis on the proper loading, securing, padding and support of the cargo.

We prepare the loading plan and load the goods in a way that is as economical as possible, allowing for the most optimal use of space.

Our colleagues secure the machines and products with straps, inflatable dunnage bags or wood, both packed and unpacked.

Wood material is heat-treated, and they fully comply with the requirements of ISPM 15. This is essential for the delivery of goods to non-EU countries. The lifting equipment (crane, forklift) required for work is also provided for our customers.

We offer our overseas packaging service to those companies who:

  • lack time, equipment and therefore cannot carry out their packaging;
    want their high-value shipment to arrive safe to port;
  • need professional packaging help, and they’re looking for a reliable,
  • customer-oriented partner;
  • would like to use cost-effective maritime transport, but are concerned about the extreme conditions of transport and/or the extreme humidity;
  • lack experienced professionals and therefore do not have the capacity to carry out their packaging;
  • would like to have dangerous goods transported at sea, but do not have the necessary expertise or the appropriate certificate.

What can you expect as a customer of Strapa-Pack?

  • You will receive carefully designed, expertly manufactured sea-proof packaging that provides maximum protection.
  • The latest materials and cutting edge technologies to protect against risks and dangers arising from maritime transport.
  • Even with multiple transshipment, your shipment will still be received in the same flawless condition as it was at the time of packaging and dispatch.
  • Your cargo will be handled with maximum responsibility.
  • Your export products will arrive to your trading partners in a safe, mold-free and corrosion-free manner, which is a guarantee for smooth cooperation.
  • You can sit back and relax, as your packaging and the safety of your shipment will now be in good, professional hands.
  • We are always at your disposal with our advice and expertise, and we will do our best to fully satisfy your requirements.
  • Warranty problems will cease to exist.

Strapa quality assurance

We have extensive expertise, almost two decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology at our clients’ disposal. We always provide guarantee for our work and for meeting the given deadlines!


 Róbert Homa

sales director IATA specialist