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strapa-pack desiccant

Vapor barriers are essential for the transport and storage of moisture-sensitive products (e.g. parts, medicines, textiles).

Bentonite is a natural mineral that can absorb many times its volume in moisture. It can be effectively used in many fields, including the construction industry (for example, as a raw material for slurry) and the beauty industry (creams, skin care products).

Keep your product safe

Do not let humidity cause irreversible damage to your precious cargo.

Our company Strapa-Pack Ltd is the Hungarian distributor of Clariant. Clariant is a Swiss multinational company, representing excellent quality in the market.

Relative humidity above 50% may lead to moulding, rusting and even permanent inoperability of the product. There is almost no product category that should not be subject to increased protection from moisture during their transport and storage.

  • If you choose to transport items by sea you have to face such extreme levels of humidity during the long transit period which may cause to humidification and moulding.
  • If you wish to deliver valuable technical items worth thousands of EUR per piece to your customers and partners, the high moisture content of saline sea air may attack the sensitive parts which results in rusting. The easiest way to protect against humidity in the surrounding air is to use vapour barrier bags.

Sodium bentonite – Say good-bye to the mould and rust of the shipments.

The easiest way to protect your goods against humidity in the surrounding air is to use desiccant bags.

Sodium bentonite is a natural clay mineral that is formed by the deposition of volcanic ash. Due to its unique properties, it is perfect for blocking humidity.

Excellent dehumidifying ability

The most important feature of bentonite is that it has an exceptional water absorption capacity. We are talking about 100% natural solution that provides direct protection for your shipment while also absorbing unpleasant odors. With the help of this product, a safe, 10- 30% moisture level can be guaranteed inside the package.

A safe and environmentally friendly choice

The production of bentonite requires a small amount of energy and chemicals, compared to the frequently used synthetic silica gel, and therefore deserves the 100% eco-friendly title. It does not contain any excipients that are harmful to health. It is not flammable or water- soluble and can be safely used with food and medicinal products. It can be handled and fully recycled similar to household waste.

Economical use

In addition to their many great qualities, those desiccant bags that contain bentonite are also becoming more and more popular due to their reasonable price. They can be produced cheaper compared to silica gel and are therefore they are a much more economical alternative. They can be re-activated and re-used in an oven heated to 245 °C for 16 hours.

The desiccant bags are small and light and do not cause significant changes in the weight and shape of the cargo. This way, your transport costs won’t go through the roof.

Wide range of products for a wide variety of needs

Bentonite is also available in different pack sizes. The most popular are the 16 and 8 unit packs. The unit of desiccant (U = unit) refers to its drying capacity.

A unit can absorb at least 3 grams of water vapour at a relative humidity of 20%. You can also purchase our desiccant bags in additional versions.

You don’t know which one to choose?

Contact us and we’ll help you determine the optimal amount.

Visible and measurable humidity level

The humidity indicator gives you the information to know exactly how much humidity is there during transport and storage.

Clariant Desi Pak is the solution for you if:

  • you want to store or transport electronical articles, possibly valuable machinery and parts
  • You have to face relative humidity which is higher than 50%
  • the quality and usability of the products is strongly threatened by mold, must and rust
  • your mode of transport is sea-transport
  • sustainability is important to you and you want environmentally friendly materials
  • you wish to completely prevent shipping losses due to moisture in the shipment

100% Quality Guarantee

The desiccant bags even meet the strictest standards and regulations. (E.g. FDA, DIN, Mil- Spec and JEDEC)

Choose an economical, modern and environmentally conscious solution at a reasonable price!

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