June 20, 2022

strapa-pack transporting

Transporting air can cost you a lot!

Did you know? Oversized packaging won’t just hurt the planet. You can lose significant amounts of money each year if you do not optimise the use of space within the packaging. With a little care, you can reduce your storage and handling costs, transport more products at once, and you will need less packaging. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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sea packaging

Importance of sea packaging – What are the risk factors?

Maritime transport is one of the most cost-effective forms of transport – if long delivery time is not a problem, it is an excellent solution. However, special care must be taken with regard to packaging, as the goods can easily move or be damaged by high humidity in a short period of time. If you know the most common risk factors and are properly prepared for them, you won’t face any unexpected annoyance.

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van equipment

Practical van equipment What should be inside your vehicle?

The customization and security of the cargo compartment of the transport vehicle should start with the installation of a new cargo lining. Installing the non-slip Van-Pack floor liner can be done in less than 15 minutes by using a simple screwdriver and no additional components are required. The custom sidewall liners that guarantee protection against dents and impurities are made of 3 types of material so that everyone can find the ones that suit their needs best. The design wheel guard prevents injury or deformation. Special cargo securing items are also placed in the cargo space upon request.

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packaging types

What is the difference between consumer and industrial packaging?

Primary packaging has direct physical contact with the product. It is also known as consumer or retail packaging. It serves three important purposes: it encourages purchase, provides information and guarantees protection. Secondary packaging or collective packaging most commonly consists of more consumer unit packs and it facilitates storage work. Tertiary, also known as transport packaging, is usually (but not always) a number of multipacks. The end-user does not see it, so there is no need for visual attractiveness, but the main focus is on its role of protection and movability.

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stacking onto pallets

Order-picking onto pallets aka packaging of manufacturer’s multipacks into commercial units

Order-picking indicates the process of opening the transport packaging and sorting and preparing each item separately in accordance with the order of the customer and then handing them over to the supplier by placing them on a pallet. It’s not always as simple as it sounds. It requires a lengthy, non-mechanisable/automated, live work and a concrete, well-established strategy. It may amount to between 55% and 60% of the warehouse’s operating costs. How a company is coping with the task is a major factor in the quality of the relationship and cooperation with the partners.

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pallet types

Pallet types: plastic, metal, paper or wood? Which one’s the best?

Most people know and prefer wooden pallets (usually poplar or pine)… However, this is not the only material to make pallets. There are some with extremely high load-bearing capacity and some weaker ones with a more favourable price in return. To choose the best possible solution, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each type. Paper is cheap, but it’s fragile and it’s hard to tolerate moisture. Metal is fireproof and extremely hygienic, but due to its heavy weight, it is practically unsuitable for the transport of goods. The plastic version has a great resistance to moisture and humidity, but it’s a costly alternative.

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EUR pallet

EUR pallet is the most wanted type of pallet – let’s see why

The EUR is the most common industrial pallet standard in the European Union (and around the world). The pallets are uniform in size, in all cases 1200 mm x 800 mm x 145 mm. It is an open pallet type, which can be lifted with a forklift from all four sides. There are strict rules for its production, which also a guarantee of quality. It is repairable and replaceable and therefore has a high value. It can be used in many industries from freight to food, vegetables and fruit storage. Learn more about it in our article.

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strapa-pack packaging mistakes

Top 5+1 packaging mistakes to avoid

In order to avoid transport damage and unnecessary costs, it is very important to be careful in the design and selection of industrial packaging. For example, it is also necessary to define the ideal size, weight and design of the packaging material according to the nature of the product and the distribution cycle. It is a common mistake for companies to adhere to certain outdated methods, materials, or to ignore the importance of testing. Consumer, collective and transport packaging should always be treated as a complex system as they complement each other.

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strapa-pack load securing

Guidelines for load securing during transport

Almost all types of goods can be transported in containers from clothing to high-value technical articles to machinery and hazardous waste. If the cargo inside the container is shaking, moving back and forth, it may pose a risk to both the handling staff and the safety of the cargo. The most common methods of securing are increasing friction, using support and lashing. In order to find the right technique, a number of factors must be taken into account. For example, the nature of the goods, the packaging used and the transport vehicle.

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strapa-pack protective packaging

How to choose the right protective packaging? 4 Simple tips for making the best decision

The full preservation of the integrity of the goods supplied, both in domestic and international transport, is a cardinal issue. The space-filling polystyrene foam is a popular and cost-effective substance, , which prevents the movement of goods within the packaging. Bubble foam is made of polyethylene, so, although it guarantees excellent protection, it does not really qualify as an environmentally friendly option. It is also advisable to consider aspects such as the physical characteristics of the goods and the rules and regulations relating to transport when selecting the perfect packaging.

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strapa-pack container loading

An important step which you can’t leave out as an exporter: inspecting container loading

It is necessary to verify the condition of the container (structural stability/damage), the quantity and quality of the goods and whether the packaging has been carried out professionally and carefully. The inspecting person shall also check that the container is properly sealed and that the necessary documentation is available. A full-scale inspection will allow everything to go as planned leaving no chance for any mistakes. The process may also help to clarify the liability of both the exporter and the transporter.

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strapa-pack packaging materials

Special packaging materials: Indicators, container securing products, foils and vapour barriers

Four special packaging materials that are less known but more practical! Indicators provide information on incorrect handling of goods – for example, if the shipment is exposed to too high or too low temperature. We can really utilize the inflatable dunnage bag when the goods are secured into the container. Absorbent substances such as bentonite provide effective protection against high humidity.

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Strapa-pack cargo lining

In pursuit of the quality cargo lining

Unfortunately, factory linings don’t usually meet more specific requirements, not to mention the effective protection of the goods and the van. In this case there’s nothing else to be done, you have to replace them. But what product should the choice be on? A high-quality floor lining not only makes the surface more even and stable, but also excludes any risk of sliding and the possibility of resulting accidents. The cargo lining shall be hardwearing, it has to be able to hold several tonnes, and it is also important that the surface can be easily cleaned.

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strapa-pack container rain

Container rain – what is it and what to do against it

Maritime transport is one of the most popular and cheapest forms of transport where we face many challenges. Heat and humid air are responsible for the formation of container rain. Unfortunately, containers do not lock airtight; there is always some moisture in them. A sudden change in temperature could result in condensation dripping down from the side of the tank and from the ceiling, causing serious damage to the shipment. Fortunately, there is a solution.…

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Sustainability of the supply chain – Think Green!

Green logistics aims to reduce the environmental impact of transport tasks, the importance of which is increasingly recognised not only by large multinationals but also by retailers, suppliers and consumers. You don’t need to worry – taking sustainability into account is not the same as deciding on outdated, less effective solutions that do not serve your economic interests. If you are aware of your options, you can simply reduce your company’s carbon footprint without having to make any more serious sacrifices.

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strapa-pack air transport crates

A striking combination of wood and corrugated cardboard: Lightweight crates for air transport

Many people choose the extra fast and safe air transport. However, if we do not pay attention to strict weight limitation, we will face a considerable extra cost. Our company has developed a unique combined packaging that is specially recommended for air transport. The lightweight box combines the best qualities of the corrugated cardboard and the wooden box: sturdy, yet lightweight!

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strapa-pack road transport

Road transport and rail transport – Maximum safety or cost-effectiveness?

The greatest advantage of road transport is that it’s the only mode of door-to-door transport. However, the shocks and jolts of the vehicle, the sudden acceleration or slowing-down may pose a risk to the integrity of the goods. Ensuring safety, such as the use of padding and filling materials, is also essential in case of rail transport. Learn more about our packaging solutions!

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Strapa-pack Hygiene cargo lining

Hygiene and cargo lining

A dirty, sticky cargo space isn’t exactly a pretty sight. And if you are involved in the transport of food, you will be facing serious fines if you do not pay attention to spotless hygiene. HACCP clearly requires the cleanliness of vehicles, supplies and equipment. But no one wants to waste valuable hours that they can actually spend with doing work. Therefore, it is necessary to have a cargo lining the cleaning and disinfecting of which is child’s play and does not take more than a few minutes.

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Incoterms: the “Bible” of international trade

In order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes, it is important to be clear about the obligations of both the buyer and seller.
The 2020 Incoterms contains 11 clauses, which can be divided into two categories: guidelines for all modes of transport and rules for only sea and inland waterway transport.

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