Road transport and rail transport - Maximum safety or cost-effectiveness?

You don't have to choose! Strapa-Pack offers an effective solution for both! Reliable and full packaging solutions for road and rail transport
  • We choose the right tools and materials carefully.
  • We package your goods safely.
  • Your cargo will be properly secured in accordance with the regulations.
During the transport of goods by road and rail, you, as the carrier, must meet a number of criteria. One of the most important factors is to ensure safety, which should cover both the goods and the transport vehicles as well as people. The vibration, shocks, acceleration, braking or turning of the vehicle may present high risk to your cargo, especially in case of road transport. Since rail transport does not allow door-to-door delivery of products the transport process is usually carried out in a multimodal form: involving road transport vehicles. This aspectshould be taken into account when preparing the packaging. Let Strapa-Pack assist you!
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Our Services

Counselling and planning

Our aim is to create packaging that meets both the client's needs and the logistics environment as well as the parameters of the products to be delivered 100%. With our applied engineering solutions, modern software and extensive expertise, we effectively optimise transport costs. We want to make the most of your ideas with our own packaging materials!


We produce our own wood and paper packaging materials, whether it's a unique custom set or a traditional standard solution. We consider rapid, flexible and efficient production and work are the most important, besides complying with all the relevant specifications and standards.


We carry out the professional packaging of your goods at your premises or, if necessary, at our own premises. When needed, we use padding and dunnage materials and anti-corrosion agents to protect your shipment from harmful dynamic and environmental impacts. We provide lifting equipment for packaging as well as markings, labels and documentation that are essential for transport. With our packaging services we provide easy handling, adequate storage and transport for your cargo, taking into account all special regulations.

Cargo securing

Safe cargo securing is always the responsibility of the sender. In order to determine the optimal cargo securing technique, a thorough knowledge of the followings is essential:
  • the nature of the product
  • the characteristics, hazards and risks of the mode of transport
  • the type, load capacity and properties of the transport vehicle
  • the appropriate securing points and places
  • regulations and legislation
Securing in containers and container transport are common solutions for both rail and road transport. We secure different machines, vehicles and products with straps, inflatable dunnage bags and wood, both packed and unpacked.

Do you need special assistance?

On-site packaging team

Dangerous goods packaging

As a customer of Strapa-Pack, you are guaranteed:

  • to receive professional packaging that fully reflects your expectations.
  • that you don't have to worry about not meeting the deadlines- with our reliable services, your tasks and work processes within your company can be fully planned.
  • that you can rest assured of the safety of your cargo - this will be lifted off your shoulders!
  • that we are not just working with standard solutions... we are also implementing special ideas.
  • that your partners, clients and customers will know that your company is worth working with in the long run thanks to quality packaging.
  • that we fully identify with your problems and meet your needs at the highest professional level.
  • Don't hesitate to ask us: we are open to your questions and ready to assist you as an equal partner in packaging matters.

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Precision, accuracy and reliability. Our customers have already experienced what it feels like to have a credible and responsible packaging provider help them achieve their goals.
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